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A company who wants to prosper in the future and wants to be a winner in the markets must know what happens inside and outside its plant. Information is power. Information is profit. Information is winning in the future.

A citizen who wants to live with serenity in his family must know if the suspicions or doubts are real or not. They have to understand who surrounds their children, inside and outside the home, what are the threats to their safety. They must prevent serious problems who can turn into tragedies, as unfortunately often happens.

A professional lawyer who wants to save his clients from accusations and charges of serious crimes must have incontrovertible evidence in his hands. Too often the public prosecution has shown serious investigative shortcomings if not in some cases even supporting "accusations fabricated at table" with false evidence to condemn innocent.

In such a framework, in which unfortunately lies lie sovereign at all levels of economic, political and social, national and international life, discovering truth is a supreme act of civilization.


Bononia Investigations the only agency in the world that requires the fee only to achieve the objectives set in the Contract and that can favor private citizens with forms of installment payments.